What is voxel ?

A Voxel is a value represented in three dimensional space . its a single value and its configerd in a grid like pattern .Voxels have the ability to contain multiple scalar values (vector data), such as density, opacity, Tempricher,color and Volumetric flow .Many voxel create what is called a volume (Volumetric image) .Now there is different word to describe a group of voxel together :-

  • Volume
  • Volume Pixel
  • Buffer
  • Container
  • Fluid

Voxel does not have their position (coordinates – X,Y,Z Position in three Dimensional Space). A voxel position is relative to other voxels in their define domaine or cantaner.

Voxels are frequently used in the visualization and analysis of medical and scientific data,Also Used in VFX to visualiz volumetric data or sim . Some volumetric displays use voxels to describe their resolution. For example : – Smoke simulation ,Fire Simulation are based on volume or voxels (volumetric) , Voxel container (Grid)  a display might be able to show 1024×1024×1024 voxels.

voxel Grid in maya

voxel Grid in maya

Volumetric render in Maya - Voxel

Volumetric render in Maya – Voxel