Photoshop shortcut Keys

Learn to use Photoshop as a pro.Here is a list of shortcut keys in Photoshop to speed up your work process.

Photoshop Keyword shortcuts :

  • Selecting tools.
  • Viewing images.
  • Refine Edge.
  • Curves.
  • Puppet Warp.
  • Selecting and moving objects.
  • Transforming selections, selection borders, and paths.
  • Editing paths.
  • the Brush panel.
  • Clone Source panel.
  • Blending modes.
  • Layers panel.
  • Adjustment layers.
  • the Layer Comps panel.
  • Slicing and optimizing.
  • the Paths panel.
  • Measurement.
  • ¬†Function keys.
 Selecting tools.

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for selecting tools

ResultWindows Mac OS
Move toolVV
Rectangular Marquee tool
Elliptical Marquee tool
Lasso tool
Polygonal Lasso tool
Magnetic Lasso tool
Crop tool
Slice tool
Slice Select tool
Magic Wand tool
Quick Selection tool
Eyedropper tool
Color Sampler tool
Ruler tool
Note tool
Count tool
Spot Healing Brush tool
Healing Brush tool
Patch tool
Red Eye tool
Clone Stamp tool
Pattern Stamp tool
Brush tool
Pencil tool
Color Replacement tool
Mixer Brush tool
Eraser tool
Background Eraser tool
Magic Eraser tool
Gradient tool
Paint Bucket tool
Dodge tool
Burn tool
Sponge tool
Pen tool
Freeform Pen tool
Horizontal Type tool
\Vertical Type tool
Horizontal Type mask tool
Vertical Type mask tool
Path Selection tool
Direct Selection tool
Rectangle tool
Rounded Rectangle tool
Ellipse tool
Polygon tool
Line tool
Custom Shape tool
3D Camera Rotate tool
3D Camera Roll tool
3D Camera Pan tool
3D Camera Walk tool
3D Camera Zoom
3D Object Rotate tool
3D Object Pan tool
3D Object Roll tool
3D Object Slide tool
3D Object Scale tool
Rotate View toolRR
Zoom toolZZ
Hand toolHH

Photoshop shortcuts keys for viewing images

ResultWindowsMac OS
Cycle through open documentsControl + TabCommand + Tab
Switch to previous documentShift + Control + TabShift + Command + `
Close a file in Photoshop and open BridgeShift+Control+WShift+Command+W
Toggle between Standard mode and Quick Mask modeQQ
Toggle (forward) between Standard screen mode, Full screen mode with menu bar, and Full screen modeFF
Toggle (backward) between Standard screen mode, Full screen mode with menu bar, and Full screen modeShift + FShift + F
Toggle (forward) canvas color Space + F Space + F
Toggle (backward) canvas colorSpace + Shift + FSpace + Shift + F
Fit image in windowDouble-click Hand toolDouble-click Hand tool
Magnify 100%Ctrl + 1Command + 1
Scroll up or down 1 screenPage Up or Page DownPage Up or Page Down
Scroll up or down 10 unitsShift + Page Up or Page DownShift + Page Up or Page Down
Move view to upper-left corner or lower right cornerHome or EndHome or End

Photoshop shortcut Keys for Refine Edge

ResultWindows Mac OS
Open the Refine Edge dialog boxControl + Alt + RCommand + Option + R
Cycle (forward) through preview modes FF
Cycle (backward) through preview modes Shift + FShift + F
Toggle between original selection and refined versionPP
Toggle between original image and selection previewXX
Toggle radius preview on and offJJ
Toggle between Refine Radius and Erase Refinements toolsShift + EShift + E

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for Curves

ResultWindowsMac OS
Open the Curves dialog boxControl + MCommand + M
Select next point on the curve+ (plus)+ (plus)
Select the previous point on the curve- (minus)- (minus)
Select multiple points on the curveShift-click the pointsShift-click the points
Deselect a pointControl + DCommand + D
Move the selected point 1 unitArrow keysArrow keys
Move the selected point 10 units Shift + Arrow keysShift + Arrow keys
To delete a point on the curveSelect a point and press DeleteSelect a point and press Delete
Set a point to the composite curveControl-click the imageCommand-click the image
Set a point to the channel curvesShift + Control-click the imageShift + Command-click the image
Display highlights and shadows that will be clippedAlt-drag black/white point slidersOption-drag black/white point sliders
Toggle grid sizeAlt-click the fieldOption-click the field

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for Puppet Warp

ResultWindowsMac OS
Cancel completelyEscEsc
Select all pinsCtrl + ACommand + A
Deselect all pinsCtrl + DCommand + D
Select multiple pinsShift-clickShift-click
Undo last pin adjustmentCtrl + ZCommand + Z
Move multiple selected pinsShift-dragShift-drag
Temporarily hide pinsHH

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for selecting and moving objects

ResultWindowsMac OS
Reposition marquee while selectingAny marquee tool (except single column and single row) + spacebar-dragAny marquee tool (except single column and single row) + spacebar-drag
Add to a selectionAny selection tool + Shift-dragAny selection tool + Shift-drag
Subtract from a selectionAny selection tool + Alt-dragAny selection tool + Option-drag
Intersect a selectionAny selection tool (except Quick Selection tool) + Shift-Alt-dragAny selection tool (except Quick Selection tool) + Shift-Option-drag
Constrain marquee to square or circle (if no other selections are active)Shift-dragShift-drag
Draw marquee from center (if no other selections are active)Alt-dragOption-drag
Switch to Move toolControl (except when Hand, Slice, Path, Shape, or any Pen tool is selected)Command (except when Hand, Slice, Path, Shape, or any Pen tool is selected)
Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to Lasso toolAlt-dragOption-drag
Switch from Magnetic Lasso tool to polygonal Lasso toolAlt-clickOption-click
Constrain shape and draw marquee from centerShift + Alt-dragShift + Option-drag
Move copy of selectionMove tool + Alt-drag selectionMove tool + Option-drag selection
Move selection area 1 pixelAny selection + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down ArrowAny selection + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow
Move selection 1 pixelMove tool + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down ArrowMove tool + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow
Move layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layerControl + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down ArrowCommand + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for transforming selections, selection borders, and paths

ResultWindowsMac OS
Transform from center or reflectAltOption
Free transform with duplicate dataControl + Alt + TCommand + Option + T
Transform again with duplicate dataControl + Shift + Alt + TCommand + Shift + Option + T
CancelControl + . (period) or EscCommand + . (period) or Esc

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for editing paths

ResultWindowsMac OS
Select multiple anchor pointsDirect selection tool + Shift-clickDirect selection tool + Shift-click
Select entire pathDirect selection tool + Alt-clickDirect selection tool + Option-click
Duplicate a pathPen (any Pen tool), Path Selection or Direct Selection tool + Control + Alt-dragPen (any Pen tool), Path Selection or Direct Selection tool+ Command + Option-drag
Switch from Path Selection, Pen, Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor PointControlCommand
Switch from Pen tool or Freeform Pen tool to Convert Point tool when pointer is over anchorAltOption
Close pathMagnetic Pen tool-double-clickMagnetic Pen tool-double-click
Close path with straight-line segmentMagnetic Pen tool + Alt-double-clickMagnetic Pen tool + Option-double-click

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for The Brush panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Change brush sizeAlt + right click + drag left or rightCtrl + Option + drag left or right
Decrease/increase brush softness/hardnessAlt + right click + drag up or downCtrl + Option + drag up or down
Select previous/next brush size, (comma), (comma)
Select first/last brushShift + , (comma)Shift + , (comma)
Rename brushDouble-click brushDouble-click brush
Delete brushAlt-click brushOption-click brush
Display precise cross hair for brushesCaps Lock or Shift + Caps LockCaps Lock
Toggle airbrush optionShift + Alt + PShift + Alt + P

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for the Clone Source panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Show Clone SourceAlt + ShiftOpt + Shift
Nudge Clone Source Alt + Shift + arrow keysOpt + Shift + arrow keys
Rotate Clone Source Alt + Shift + < or >Opt + Shift + < or >
Scale Clone SourceAlt + Shift + [ or ]Opt + Shift + [ or ]

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for Blending modes

ResultWindowsMac OS
NormalShift + Alt + NShift + Option + N
DissolveShift + Alt + IShift + Option + I
DarkenShift + Alt + KShift + Option + K
MultiplyShift + Alt + MShift + Option + M
Color BurnShift + Alt + BShift + Option + B
Linear BurnShift + Alt + AShift + Option + A
LightenShift + Alt + GShift + Option + G
ScreenShift + Alt + SShift + Option + S
Color DodgeShift + Alt + DShift + Option + D
Linear DodgeShift + Alt + WShift + Option + W
OverlayShift + Alt + OShift + Option + O
Soft LightShift + Alt + FShift + Option + F
Hard LightShift + Alt + HShift + Option + H
Vivid LightShift + Alt + VShift + Option + V
Linear LightShift + Alt + JShift + Option + J
Pin LightShift + Alt + ZShift + Option + Z
Hard MixShift + Alt + LShift + Option + L
DifferenceShift + Alt + EShift + Option + E
ExclusionShift + Alt + XShift + Option + X
HueShift + Alt + UShift + Option + U
SaturationShift + Alt + TShift + Option + T
ColorShift + Alt + CShift + Option + C
LuminosityShift + Alt + YShift + Option + Y
DesaturateSponge tool + Shift + Alt + DSponge tool + Shift + Option + D
Dodge/burn highlightsDodge tool + Shift + Alt + HDodge too + Shift + Option + H
Dodge/burn mid-tonesDodge tool + Shift + Alt + MDodge tool + Shift + Option + M
Dodge/burn shadowsDodge tool + Shift + Alt + SDodge tool + Shift + Option + S
SaturateSponge tool + Shift + Alt + SSponge tool + Shift + Option + S

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for the Layers panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Add to current selectionControl + Shift-click layer thumbnail.Command + Shift-click layer thumbnail.
Subtract from current selectionControl + Alt-click layer thumbnail.Command + Option-click layer thumbnail.
Intersect with current selectionControl + Shift + Alt-click layer thumbnail.Command + Shift + Option-click layer thumbnail.
Group layersControl + GCommand + G
Ungroup layers Control + Shift + GCommand-Shift + G
Create/release clipping maskControl + Alt + GCommand-Option + G
Select all layersControl + Alt + ACommand + Option + A
Merge visible layersControl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
Create new empty layer with dialog boxAlt-click New Layer buttonOption-click New Layer button
Create new layer below target layerControl-click New Layer buttonCommand-click New Layer button
Select top layerAlt + . (period)Option + . (period)
Select bottom layer Alt + , (comma)Option + , (comma)
Select next layer down/upAlt + [ or ]Option + [ or ]
Move target layer down/upControl + [ or ]Command + [ or ]
Merge a copy of all visible layers into target layerControl + Shift + Alt + ECommand + Shift + Option + E
Merge layersHighlight layers you want to merge, then hit Control + EHighlight the layers you want to merge, then hit Command + E
Move layer to bottom or topControl + Shift + [ or ]Command + Shift + [ or ]
Show/hide this layer/layer group only or all layers/layer groupsRight-click the eye iconControl-click the eye icon
Show/hide all other currently visible layersAlt-click the eye iconOption-click the eye icon
Edit layer effect/style, optionsDouble-click layer effect/styleDouble-click layer effect/style
Edit layer styleDouble-click layerDouble-click layer
Disable/enable vector maskShift-click vector mask thumbnailShift-click vector mask thumbnail
Open Layer Mask Display Options dialog boxDouble-click layer mask thumbnailDouble-click layer mask thumbnail
Rename layerDouble-click the layer nameDouble-click the layer name
Edit filter settings Double-click the filter effectDouble-click the filter effect
Create new layer group with dialog boxAlt-click New Group buttonOption-click New Group button
Create layer mask that hides all/selectionAlt-click Add Layer Mask buttonOption-click Add Layer Mask button
Display layer group propertiesRight-click layer group and choose Group Properties, or double-click groupControl-click the layer group and choose Group Properties, or double-click group
Select/deselect multiple contiguous layersShift-clickShift-click
Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layersControl-clickCommand-click

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for Adjustment layers

ResultWindowsMac OS
Choose specific channel for adjustmentAlt + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)Option + 3 (red), 4 (green), 5 (blue)
Choose composite channel for adjustmentAlt + 2Option + 2
Delete adjustment layerDelete or BackspaceDelete
Define Auto options for Levels or CurvesAlt-click Auto buttonOption-click Auto button

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for the Layer Comps panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Create new layer comp without the New Layer Comp boxAlt-click Create New Layer Comp buttonOption-click Create New Layer Comp button
Open Layer Comp Options dialog boxDouble-click layer compDouble-click layer comp
Rename in-lineDouble-click layer comp nameDouble-click layer comp name
Select/deselect multiple contiguous layer compsShift-clickShift-click
Select/deselect multiple discontiguous layer compsControl-clickCommand-click
ResultWindowsMac OS
Toggle between Slice tool and Slice Selection toolControlCommand
Draw square sliceShift-dragShift-drag
Draw from center outwardAlt-dragOption-drag
Draw square slice from center outwardShift + Alt-dragShift + Option-drag
Reposition slice while creating sliceSpacebar-dragSpacebar-drag
Open context-sensitive menuRight-click sliceControl-click slice

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for the Paths panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Load path as selectionControl-click pathnameCommand-click pathname
Add path to selectionControl + Shift-click pathnameCommand + Shift-click pathname
Subtract path from selectionControl + Alt-click pathnameCommand + Option-click pathname
Retain intersection of path as selectionControl + Shift + Alt-click pathnameCommand + Shift + Option-click pathname
Hide pathControl + Shift + HCommand + Shift + H

Photoshop shortcuts Keys for Measurement (photoshop Extended)

ResultWindowsMac OS
Record a measurement Shift + Control + MShift + Command + M
Deselects all measurementsControl + DCommand + D
Selects all measurementsControl + ACommand + A
Hide/show all measurementsShift + Control + HShift + Command + H
Removes a measurementBackspaceDelete
Extend/shorten selected measurementCtrl + left/right arrow keyCommand + left/right arrow key
Extend/shorten selected measurement in incrementsShift + Ctrl + left/right arrow keyShift +Command + left/right arrow key
Nudge the measurementArrow keysArrow keys
Nudge the measurement in incrementsShift + arrow keysShift + arrow keys
Rotate selected measurementCtrl + up/down arrow keyCommand + up/down arrow key
Rotate selected measurement in incrementsShift + Ctrl + up/down arrow keyShift + Command + up/down arrow key

Function keys

ResultWindowsMac OS
Start HelpF1Help key
Show/Hide Brush panelF5F5
Show/Hide Color panelF6F6
Show/Hide Layers panelF7F7
Show/Hide Info panelF8F8
Show/Hide Actions panelF9Option + F9
FillShift + F5Shift + F5
Feather SelectionShift + F6Shift + F6
Inverse SelectionShift + F7Shift + F7


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