BlobMesh from a particle system in 3ds Max

In this tutorial(BlobMesh from a particle system in 3ds Max) we want to show you how to Create BlobMesh (metaballs) Object in 3ds Max. Which is controlled by a Particle System (PF Flow). But first we have to know what is Blobmesh (metaballs).

What is BlobMesh ?

BlobMesh is a Compound Object in 3ds Max .BlobMesh compound object generates metaballs based on specified objects in the scene.Blobmesh is ideal for simulating thick liquids and soft substances that move and flow when animated.Blobmesh find in:

  • Create panel > (Geometry) > Compound Objects > Object Type rollout > BlobMesh
  • Standard menu: Create menu > Compound > BlobMesh
  • Enhanced menu: Objects menu > Compound Objects > BlobMesh

Now go through a quick tutorial about “BlobMesh from a particle system in 3ds Max”

We are going to create this :